The greatest human quest is to know what one must do in order to become a human being. ‘Atmanam Vidhi’ in our logo is a great oracle of Upanishad which means discovering your sacred self. Here in R.E.D., through yoga, meditation and sports and all its working methods & processes we create the habits of self-awareness, self regulation, self-motivation and selflessness which prove stepping stones in their ultimate journey of becoming enlightened human beings.


      R.E.D. works for:
  • Building trustworthy relations with all.
  • Value addition for all stakeholders.
  • Making R.E.D. a ‘Learners’ Organization’ through relentless awareness, reflection and analysis of the current reality.
  •  Creating role models of character, competence & commitment.
  • Creating an environment where all REDians understand, believe-in and work for the collective mission.


R.E.D. aspires to be an organisation that creates a stress-free learning environment for nourishing each child holistically thereby enabling them to be competent, confident and enterprising citizens of character, attitude and passion who will promote global harmony and peace.
The R.E.D. Philosophy

“The primary aim of education is the manifestation of perfection already present in man and woman”

-Swami Vivekanand

We become what we dream with faith-filled action. We at R.E.D., believe that education should foster independent thinking, creativity, exploration and experimentation as a life-long process – All without compromising moral and ethical values. The purpose is to bring out and optimize the hidden potential of every child in the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual planes. We nurture young men and women of character, competence, attitude and passion and prepare them for a balanced, healthy, happy, ever-growing, international-minded, out-of-box thinkers living to make a contribution for making the society and the planet-earth a better place to live.


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