Experiential Method of Teaching – Learning

A comprehensive academic solution designed to raise the level of learning, XSEED is based on a Five Step Experiential Learning Method where concepts are taught by hands-on experimentation followed by analysis, questioning, application and feedback on the students’ part. This helps students gain a better understanding of the core curriculum being taught and improves their logical and reasoning skills and also their fluency in English communication. This results in an increased interest in education and builds their self-confidence and self-dependence, so that they can study independently and assertively. The XSEED Programme is followed in schools up to class VIII.

NTSE Classes

The National Talent Search Examination, organised by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), is considered as one of the most unique methods of testing at high school levels. To give the skills for facing such tests to our students, R.E.D. schools organizes NTSC Pattern Special Classes for students of classes VI to X.


Coaching Facility for Competitions

To prepare the students for various Medical, Engineering and Defense exams at XII level the school provides a comprehensive solution to the students’ coaching for competitive examination requirements. Regular coaching is integrated with classroom teaching. The society has appointed experienced and competent Full-time Coaching Experts for this purpose.

Career Counselling & Guidance

R.E.D. schools have well maintained career counselling cells where books, magazines, journals, and brochures for various competitive exams are available. Special guidance is given to prepare students for competitive exams for selections in Engineering, Medical and NDA, CA, CS, and ICWA etc. The latest and updated information regarding the admission schedule of various professional colleges is displayed on the display board. The schools organise seminars and lectures by guest faculties for career counselling.


Scholarships & Awards

Schools has a policy of giving scholarships and prizes for motivation and excellence by the students in the fields of Academics, Activities and Sports.

SMART Classrooms

Meet technology the presiding member of the R.E.D. classrooms. We have been thriving in fetching technology to out classrooms though the ups with various companies. Their are audio-visual aids that allow students to interact with the lesson content while allowing teachers to integrate a range of resources with their lessons.



Knowledge at R.E.D. is not simply a transmission by the teachers to the children but it is learnt through the process of construction by the students themselves. This is done through regular exposure to practical experiences in the laboratory work where scientific theories are tested by the students themselves through scientific methods and processes. The labs exposure encourages the interests & skills of observation, analysis and critical thinking among the students. It also provides opportunities to students to manipulate equipment and material and to work cooperatively with peers.

The school has fully equipped laboratories with all the required equipments and materials for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Science, Social Science, Computers, English Language Labs and Smart Classes.

Physics Lab


Biology Lab


Chemistry Lab


Maths Lab


Science Lab


Social Science Lab


Computers Lab


English Language Lab



A library is the best promoter of education, a resource hub for any institution. School has a world class fully air-conditioned Library and equipped with literary masterpieces, encyclopedias, reference books, magazines, journals and daily newspapers. Our libraries motivate students to become inquisitive about a world outside their comfort zone.

The school has independent separate libraries for Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Levels. Each library is stocked with operational computers, and is accessible to all students of the school.